Hoxxes 1


Hoxxes ist a nasty piece of work. A real shithole. A scorched , tidally locked planet, orbiting the angry blue sun of Creus, along with several siblings . Hoxxes stands out among them all, for two reasons: 1. Her extraordinarily rich deposits of precious minerals 2. Her staggeringly hostile environment. There’s more to worry about on Hoxxes IV than just the electromagnetic storms, gravity anomalies, tectonic instability, or seas of sulphuric acid however - Hoxxes IV is home to one of the most diverse selections of horrible, horrible life yet found in the galaxy. Fueled by an unending barrage of radioactive emissions from Creus, and aided by a steady influx of biomatter and rapidly mutating micro organisms left behind by the invading mining corporations, the children of Hoxxes grow up large, angry, territorial, and generally impervious to most ammunition short of a tank round. And if the pincers, teeth, tentacles, and altogether too many eyes of Hoxxes’ children isn’t enough to scare you away, rumors of even worse and much older, sinister, and alien things down in the deepest excavations abound.

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