For years, interplanetary mining corporations have attempted to tame Hoxxes, but up until now they have failed. One by one they have left, tails between their legs, seeking to please their shareholders elsewhere in the galaxy. Only one corporation stubbornly remains: Deep Rock Galactic. The company is notorious for its general lack of safety precautions, but famous for taking on the opportunities other companies would not even consider. It offers hefty paychecks and bonuses rather than sanctioned work safety guarantees, which tends to mean that their field operatives are among the meanest and most capable bastards this side of Orion. Mercenaries, soldiers, ex-pirates, bounty hunters...and dwarves. This stunty race of surly, muscular humanoids, otherwise known as “Stonekin”, is known across the galaxy as some of the most skillful miners and hardiest warriors ever to exist. Deep Rock Galactic offers exactly the kind of challenge dwarves thrive in.

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